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SharkShield Freedom 7

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0.95 KGS
$17.50 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description


Diving, Spearfishing & Kayak Fishing

Used by professionals and navies the world over, the FREEDOM7 is a safety device providing peace of mind to enjoy your free-diving, spearfishing, scuba diving or kayak fishing while supporting the conservation of sharks.

The Freedom of the Ocean

Those who truly love the ocean, respect it for all its beauty and everything it has to offer, both above and below the surface. Now with the Shark Shield FREEDOM7 there’s no need to fear an unwanted encounter with sharks. This Shark Shield device is the only scientifically proven and independently tested electronic shark deterrent system designed to provide you with the peace of mind you’re looking for while enjoying your favourite pastime of free-diving, spear fishing, scuba diving or kayak fishing. With over twenty years of world-class research and independent testing, including the Kwa-Zulu Natal Shark Board in South Africa, the FREEDOM7 is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of an unwanted shark encounter. It is no wonder it has become the safety device chosen by professional divers in the US and Australian Navies and has become mandated equipment in the Australian Professional Abalone Diving Industry.



Mandated safety equipment in industries such as Abalone Diving, used by the US & Australian Navies
Designed to reduce the risk of an unwanted shark encounter
Comfortable, lightweight with an easy to wear neropene velcro pouch
Lithium rechargeable battery, over 300 charge cycles
Longlife battery, lasts up to 7 hours
Depth rated to 50 meters (148 feet)


Battery pack life Nominal 300 charges
Storage Temperature Between 0C – 60C (32F – 140F)
Operating Temperature Between 12C – 40C (53.6F – 104F) Lower temperatures will reduce the operating time
Dimensions of Main Unit (without Antenna) 80mm L x 140mm W x 35mm H (3.15” x 5.51” x 1.5”)
Maximum Operating Depth 50 meters (164 feet)
Weight (unit only) 335 grams (11.8 oz)
Dry Weight (Complete) 950 grams (2.09lb)
Unit Operating Time 6-7 hours (temperature dependent)
In water weight (Complete) 69 grams (2.4oz)
Protective Field Strength > 1v/m @ 1m from centre of electrodes


An Ocean of Respect

Drawn by the call of the ocean, sharks or no sharks, we’re still going out there! Our solution is scientific, lightweight and powerful. With Shark Shield, we’ve replaced fear with awe.

Shark Shield has taken 20 years of tireless scientific research to evolve into what it is today: proven, reliable and non-evasive shark deterrent technology. And underlying it all is a deep respect for sharks, the great predators of the ocean. Now you can have the peace of mind to swim, surf, kayak and dive without fear. It’s our playground, but it’s their home!


Safety Without Fear

In 1995 it was discovered that sharks have a heightened sensitivity to close-range, low frequency electrical fields. Two decades of intensive global research has developed this knowledge into a reliable and essential piece of equipment that protects visitors to the ocean and the predators that live there.

Shark Shield consists of two electrodes which when both are submerged emit a three dimensional electronic field that surrounds the user. When a shark comes to within a few meters of the Shark Shield, the strong electronic pulses emitted by the device cause the shark to experience muscle spasms.

This does NOT harm the shark in any way, but merely causes it to experience a high level of discomfort. From testing, the closer the shark is to the Shark Shield field, the more spasms occur in the sharks’ snouts, which results in it turning away from the electronic field, thereby protecting the user.


Pure joy, no harm

When you’re out there surfing, you don’t want to be thinking about predators. Now with Shark Shield connected to your board, all you have to think about is your next wave! The low drag antennae in the water below you will emit an electrical pulse that is keeps you safe and does no lasting harm to the creature.

Sharks have highly sensitive electrical receptors called Ampullae of Lorenzini located in their snouts. These sense electrical current and are used to detect prey, but only at very close distances. Once the shark is out of the affected area, it no longer feels the electrical impulse.

There are no long-term adverse effects to the shark and as a result Shark Shield devices support the conservation of sharks by removing the need for culling or other lethal means of managing human and shark interactions.

Shark Shield devices do not affect other ocean creatures.

Image of Pure joy, no harm

Proven Protection

When you strap a Shark Shield to your ankle, board or kayak, you are strapping on the credibility and belief of some of the worlds leading oceanic organizations: from the Natal Sharks Board in South Africa, to the Australian Elite Military and the US Coast Guard.


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Product Videos

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